Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Making Small Moves

To start:

I apologize for the inconsistency over the last few months.


To continue:

Life is strange. I find that just when I think I've got a plan or a handle on a new situation, I am hit with a curve ball. After years of avoiding and making (now false) claims that I would never sign up to attend another Trade/For Profit school, I find myself filling out an application to start an online program for September 5 this year.

My first experience with one was completely underwhelming.  I was also not ready. I have always HATED school and could (still can) literally find the most minute reason to blow it off.

Now here I am pushing 30, quite rapidly (seriously, where has the time gone?) and I am still struggling to get through it. My plan when I moved to Las Vegas almost 2 years ago was to get my shit together to attend UNLV for Interior Design.

That has not happened, AND I have come to realize that I'm 100% unwilling to  have to actually sit in a classroom and plan my days/weeks/months about being in one.

Online school has been my saving grace the last 2 years but I realize that my current school isn't going to get me up the path that I'd like to go in. So last week I signed up for the Academy of Art in San Francisco at the suggestion of a coworker. I'll admit that I am a little nervous to be trying out another trade school BUT I've realized that I have lived in fear for so long that I don't try ANYTHING. My automatic reaction to nearly everything over the last 4 years has been NO. Look where that has gotten me, NOWHERE.

I used to secretly tell myself: "Nothing is ever going to happen or change until you make it so." Somewhere down the line I became okay with nothing ever happening.

This is definitely something I need to work on.

Anyway, I am hoping that I can turn a an AA Degree in less than 1.5 years since I have some of the required credits already completed, given that they transfer over and then possibly move on to my BFA Degree if I so choose. My goal is to be officially be done with school by the time I'm 30-31.

In the mean time, I'd like to start doing some side work on a film set out here in Las Vegas, so if there are any filmmakers looking for some extra hands, I'm available.

I'll be more active on here I promise, I just need to sort out a few more life situations and then I'll be back with some new and different material.

Until next time



Monday, May 15, 2017

New Direction

The last few months have been different to say the least. I'll say the last few months have even been a little Twilight Zone-esque.

For starters, everyone at my job has joined the legion of Flat Earthers and that seems to be all any of them can talk about right now and secondly, I have been seriously questioning whether or not I want to continue on in the Interior Design industry.

*Insert screams here*

If you've never heard me say it or did not know, I never entered the design world with intentions on doing residential work. I would much rather not have personal clients and work with them on their homes. Unfortunately it's all I have been working on and I have longed for the day when I can finish school and get to work on the next hotel or nightclub being built.

But even over the last few years I have begun to question that.

Sure that stuff would looks awesome and its probably even more awesome to say that you've done work on cool projects like that, BUT I have been totally unsure if that is something that I wanted to get into.

So I started looking elsewhere and making lists.

What do I like???????

The answer was a little bit of everything. But lately I have been finding myself drawn back to a love I had abandoned years ago. Storytelling.

Back when I thought I wanted to be an actress, I attempted to write my own script and that evolved into me wanting to write a fiction novel. Which then somehow transformed back into me wanting to be involved in film and how the set up would look and what time period these "films" would be set in... If you catch my drift, I found I cared more about the way the films looked and the stories being told than I did about being in front of the camera itself.

In my recent search of "What the hell am I going to do with my life part 7?" I had a light bulb moment. One that to be honest I am still working out the kinks in... Maybe I would get into set design/production design?????

I would get to work in film and be apart of the look and story being told. Two things that I love and enjoy. To be honest I get excited just thinking about it. So I am here to say to all that check in on this thing, my passion for design hasn't changed, it has just changed direction a bit.

Can't wait to see where this road takes me.

XoXo Chellie