Thursday, March 16, 2017

5 Times The Villa Golightly at Modernism Week 2017 Was House Goals!

Okay so modernism week has been over for a few weeks now and I'm still slightly obsessed with everything I was able to see and all of the people from all over the world I got to talk to.

Nothing has my mind turning more than #VillaGolightly

If you don't know what that is, open up your Instagram and just search the tag. It was truly the most talked and gushed about event. It's not called the must see event of Modernism Week for no reason.

This year at Modernism Week 2017 the Christopher Kennedy Compound took over the home of fashion blogger Kelly Lee of and literally did a major renovation in just under 8 weeks by 20 different designers and stylists in the design industry.

This house is the definition of #givingmelife

Below is 5 Times Villa Golightly Was House Goals!

Okay for those of you who have not yet seen the photos of this house, let me just tell you that wallpaper made a full comeback during Modernism Week and it started with #VillaGolightly

5 Times Villa Golightly Was House Goals! Lets us begin.

Time # 1: When Salvador Camarena designs the terrace bathroom and draws inspiration from Beyonce's Lemonade album! I will admit that I am not a huge Beyonce fan, but I respect what she does and can see why she is #QueenBey With that being said, when I first heard about this bathroom begin styled after the Lemonade album, I didn't immediately understand how that could be pulled off. And then I saw it. This cute little bathroom shamelessly delivered my favorite things.

Bold Colors, Black and White Stripes (on the floor I might add), a deep blue vanity with gold hardware, kitchy patterns (lemons on the wall!) and my favortie thing EVER puns and play on words.

Time #2: When Miss Kris designs the dressing room

Okay so this one is a favorite of mine for a few reasons. To start, as soon as I saw the chandelier I died! #2 My favorite youtuber blessed this room with her talents and #3 It made me realize how much I love yellow, especially when its on the walls and in wallpaper form!

Time #3: When the house has not 1 bar

Not 2 Bars 

But 3 Bars (and probably a few more hidden ones that I didn't catch)

Time #4: When the Master Suite is an actual suite and triple the size of my current 2X2 apartment.

Time #5: When the outside terrace is goals in itself. I could dedicate a whole post on this backyard alone. I am a sucker for day drinking and outside lounging so this entire space speaks volumes to me! 

These were my top 5 favorite things to see at this years Christopher Kennedy Compound Showcase House featuring 20 different designers and Fashion blogger Kelly Golightly. Honestly all the rooms were great and I left feeling 100% inspired. If you haven't yet check the hashtag #villagolightly on Instagram to see the many photos of the rooms in Kelly's house. If you love design, you'll appreciate everything these different designers brought to the table. 

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Modernism Week: 6 Events to Hit When You're On A Budget

Hey there Lovelies! 

I feel like since the new year has started I have been in my car nonstop. This past weekend was the 2nd time I was not running back and forth to California. Not that I am complaining. I love going home, but its been clear that a few things have taken a back seat, namely, all of my rescheduled blog posts. Yes, I know, it takes a special kind of person, to schedule blog posts and then they still don't go up. #Whatever 

I'm a mess and I know it. 

Anyway, on to the good stuff. Next week I will be attending the tail end of Modernism Week, partly because that just seems to be how my life works and because I will be working a station during the event for 4 days.

Yes! You read that correctly! 4 WHOLE DAYS! 

Now, since I only have a limited amount of  time to mingle, with a limited amount of money to spend, there are only a few events that I will be able to successfully hit. So for all of you stocking the event, wishing you could attend but don't have the extra funds to splurge I am going to give you a broke girls guide to enjoying Modernism Week on a budget. 

And for those of you who love Mid Century everything but have been living under a rock and don't know what Modernism Week is here, click the photo link below to get more information. It is the Coachella Music Festival of the Design and Lifestyle world. 

Ok probably not Coachella, but it is pretty fun. 

Modernism Week offers sooooooooooooooooo many free events its crazy. I was able to attend a few last year and came home with the memory of a pretty cool day. 

This Saturday February 18th is the Arrive Hotel's 1 Year Anniversary Party and you guessed it. Its a free event. Arrive is a boutique hotel that focuses on desert lifestyle as if you were actually living there. I would say this is a perfect event to start with. Great for mingling with like minded individuals. 

The West Elm House is a must see in my opinion and it is also a FREE event. If you're reading this now I would hurry over and sign up to tour the house before all of the slots are gone. As far as I know February 24th and February 26th still have some available slots. This home is a fully renovated 1950's Alexander Home, completely decked out in West Elm furniture and accessories.  

This one is for all of my car lovers. Modernism Week offers a few hours of vintage car viewing February 20th from 12:00 PM- 3:00 PM. The Vintage Car show is an outdoor event and I'm positive that the weather will be wonderful that day. My father has already announced that this is where he will be on Presidents Day, so I guess any household chore or broken appliance will have to wait. 

Now, if vintage cars aren't your thing OR you just can't enough, I recommend checking out the Vintage Trailer Show. I got to tour one last year and it was pretty cool to see how people chose to renovate their air streams. Makes me want to give up my dream for owning a VW Bus and save up to own and renovate my own trailer. This event goes for $20 for adults and $10 for kids. 

The next event is the perfect Instagramable event, The Palm Springs Door Tour. I see photos of these Palm Springs doors floating around on Pinterest and Instagram all the time so it's definitely an event I wish I could attend. Keep in mind this is a guided bike tour that goes for $20, definitely worth the price. 

The last event on my list is a splurge item going for $40 a ticket. It has been dubbed the must see event every year of Modernism Week and this year is no different. The Christopher Kennedy Compound House Tour 2017. This year's feature home belongs to a favorite lifestyle blogger of mine and many, Kelly Lee of This year there are a whole slew of designers and taste makers who will be contributing to her Spanish villa and I CAN NOT wait to tour the home and see it all for myself. 

Of course there are over 100 events going on during Modernism Weeks 10 Day run for every price range, if your interested in attending I would visit the website and see what tickets you can get your hands on, If I wasn't working the event myself I would definitely be at more. 

Leave a comment below if you're going to this years Modernism Week or if your like me, dying to go so badly that you signed up to work and volunteer. 

I'll be at CAMP, Modernism Weeks designated headquarters between the 24th & 26th so if you see me, stop by and say hi! 

Until next time


Chellie Q

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